Thursday, April 02, 2009

Music/Locale Pairings

Like food & wine, certain music just resonates more, and enhances the mood of a given location. Of course great music sounds great pretty much anywhere but even as a confirmed Deadhead I knew when I first heard "Sugaree" while staring out of a train on the Yamanote line in Tokyo that the Grateful Dead and Tokyo just didn't work. Now the Dead and Aomori, that's a different story.

Anyway, I encourage others to comment with their favourites. Herein I kick start some of mine:

Neko Case and Kelowna (the Okanagan)- Listening to this godess' new disc, Middle Cyclone, while driving from Vernon to Kelowna was a great way to get to know her latest work. Pastoral and heavenly- words to describe both Neko and the Okanagan.

Radiohead and Tokyo- A couple of years ago, while wandering around Hiroo, my iPod shuffle delivered a couple back-to-back tunes from Thom Yorke and crew. Don't recall the exact tracks but definitely Amnesiac or later. The metallic sheen and melodic dissonance (alright, I'm just saying that to impress...not even sure what it means) really made me smile as I took a deep breath and concentrated on the urban landscape a little more closely.

I know it has been said before but it's amazing sometimes how when you have your iPod on shuffle, or it IS a shuffle, it delivers just the right track at the right time. And then follows it up with another, beautifully segued from the former. Wham! Bam! Thank you man!

Beast- self-titled and the gym- I first listened to this record while working at my desk with the computer speakers on '1'. WRONG. As soon as I cranked it while doing weights...needing some crunch to my crunches, I started to love this record. A friend tells me it's phenomenol on his old JBL 220's cranked up real good.

Fucked Up- Chemistry of Life and the gym- Another gem of a workout record. Melodic punk of the first order with lotsa screaming. Reminds me of Husker Du circa Zen Arcade.

More to come...


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