Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The 2008 Grammy’s – Radiohead steals the show

I’m not a big fan of the Grammy’s, for the most part believing it to be a big back slap to the people who produce music that generate a lot of cash. However, now that I own a PVR and it’s easy to zip through the annoying bits I decided to sit down this year and give it a watch. There were some cool moments- MIA performing ‘Paper Planes’ preggers on the day her baby was due, a tribute to the 4 Tops featuring the last living member and Al Green sounding as good as ever. Katy Perry was just embarrassing running awkwardly around the stage, which was pretty fun to watch as well.

But the night belonged to Radiohead with a genius rendition of ’15 Step’ off ‘In Rainbows’. Now that the NFL has abandoned the marching bands from the half-time Superbowl show in favour of Bruce, Prince, The Stones and of course Justin and Janet, the aforementioned marching bands needed a new gig. And Radiohead became their meal ticket. Out comes a suitably ruffled Thom Yorke and what’s that behind him, as the first notes kick in, but the USC Marching Band! The kids looked ecstatic to be playing the tune and what a version it is. Pummeling rhythm.


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